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Carp River in Canada

Carp River Action Plan

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In 2012 Mississippi Valley Conservation, in partnership with the Friends of the Carp River, completed a detailed assessment of the Carp River from Richardson Side Road to the Village of Carp due to:

As a result of this assessment, the MVC and FCR recommend that a multi-year Carp River Action Plan be undertaken that comprises four actions:

The Action Plan will have three major benefits for the citizens of Ottawa:

The Action Plan supports the Carp Community Design Plan for river access. The Plan is a strategic, multi-year approach to improving the most degraded mid-reach section of the Carp River. It is a natural follow-on to the recommendations of the Carp River Watershed Study. It consists of four recommendations for action:

It is a community-based partnership between the Mississippi Valley Conservation Foundation, Mississippi Valley Conservation, and Friends of the Carp River with support from the City of Ottawa and volunteers.

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