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Shell Shell FuellingChange


An exciting program that supported environmental projects and organizations selected by voters comes to an end. Find out how six featured organizations have used their grants to protect and restore Canada's environment, landscape and wildlife.

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How it Worked

Beginning in 2011 Shell granted a total of $2 million annually over a course of 3 years to projects that improve and restore Canada’s environment.

FuellingChange empowered Canadians to make a difference by supporting projects that mattered most to them. Votes were cast for projects from three areas - Land, Air and Water.

The projects with the most votes at the end of each cycle would receive grants in the amounts of $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000.

Shell also provided $10,000 to each project that was pre-approved for inclusion on FuellingChange.

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What People Say About the Program


cycles in 3 years

“Shell FuellingChange is a fabulous way to engage people and provide them with a bit more understanding with what their gas money and support can do and how corporations like Shell are trying to make a difference on the ground.”

Sarah Vascotto, Clean Annapolis River Project

“We highly appreciate the Shell FuellingChange project. Our school project just wouldn’t have happened without Shell funding. It was the only way we could have made this work.”

Judi Vandenbrink, EcoLiving Events

Over 15 million votes

“Grants like Shell FuellingChange really help programs like ours, grassroot startups, trying to do work on the ground. Without funds from organizations like Shell, projects like this wouldn’t be able to continue.”

Alexandra Froese, Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program

“In our area, people don’t have a lot of money to put towards educational activities. Shell offered us a way to pay for materials, education of the kids and helped us to offer the activities at a low cost.”

François Lajoie, Organisme des Bassins Versants (OBV) de la Côte-du-Sud

participating organizations

“We would like to thank Shell FuellingChange and the people who participated in voting. It enabled us to do the work of saving and protecting these species and their habitats on an ongoing daily basis. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to continue this work locally and globally.”

Jennifer Tracey, Toronto Zoo

“Thank you to Shell FuellingChange and Canadian residents for supporting our Totally Turtles program. It’s nice to see a corporation taking an interest in the local environment. We were able to give back a lot, not just to our own communities, but areas beyond that.”

Angela Coleman, South Nation Conservation

$6 million dollars in grants

Totally Turtles: Protecting, Promoting, and Enhancing Turtles at Risk

South Nation Conservation (SNC)’s Totally Turtles program monitors and protects at-risk turtles species across the watershed in eastern Ontario. By building safer, suitable nesting habitats away from high traffic areas, installing crossing signs and fencing, SNC addressed their nest depredation and helped to reduce the road mortality rates of these turtles.

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Bear Necessities: Ice. Food. Cubs.

Toronto Zoo staff saved the life of polar bear cub Humphrey with expert around-the-clock care. To increase the population of this national endangered species, the Zoo focuses its polar bear conservation efforts on captive breeding and rearing of orphans, as well as reproductive and nutrition research.

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Engaging Canada’s Youth in Sustainable Living

EcoLiving Events connects people in the environmental sector with the community through events, support and information sharing on environmentally sustainable ideas. It provided hands-on learning in its “Home Sustainable Home” challenge, an interactive classroom workshop about sustainable home design.

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Restoring Manitoba’s Burrowing Owl Population

The Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program is reintroducing captive release owls, installing artificial nest burrows, and educating the public on Burrowing Owls in southwestern Manitoba. Purchasing new wildlife cameras allows 24/7 monitoring of these burrow entrances so new research findings can inform the conservation effort.

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Connecting Students with Nature

The watershed management organization Organisme des Bassins Versants (OBV) de la Côte-du-Sud provided materials and resources for youth outreach and school programs around biodiversity, preserving water quality and studying at-risk species. They supplied incubators for classrooms to raise trout for release into the rivers and helped kids to build urban gardens.

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Enhancing the Ecological Health of the Annapolis River Watershed

To enhance the ecological health of the Annapolis River watershed, The Clean Annapolis River Project (CARP) purchased new water testing equipment and planted native plants for healthy riparian areas. Homeowners in the community were also encouraged to take part in conservation and stewardship actions.

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All the Grant Recipients

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Cycle 6
Nov/ 13 - April/ 14

Cycle 5
May - Oct/ 13

Cycle 4
Nov/ 12 - April/ 13

Cycle 3
May - Oct/ 12

Cycle 2
Nov/ 11 - April/ 12

Cycle 1
May - Oct/ 11

$100,000 ×

Responding to Marine Mammal Emergencies

Canadian Wildlife Federation

The Canadian Wildlife Federation is looking to create a national network to respond to species in distress. This network will be promoted across Canada so that members of the public know who to call.

Riding the Road for Clean Air

Tour de Nuit Society

Ride the Road is an experiential learning exercise that attempts to get adults back on bikes and create an awareness that the bicycle has untold potential as a method of transportation. It’s an example of back to the future with an educational message.

From Scrubland to Farmland - Building a Productive Farm

World Parrot Refuge

The goals are to create a farm to grow products that will help to support the organization, to direct rainwater into the pond to be used for irrigation of the plants and to enlarge the current pond making it into a more usable wetland for wildlife.

$50,000 +

Saving Turtles at Risk Today

Georgian Bay Turtle Hospital

The goals are to create a space for the treatment and recovery of turtles that have been hit by cars, expand our education and engagement campaign to additional portions of the Georgian Bay watershed and expand our direct conservation efforts.

Home Sustainable Home Challenge

EcoLiving Events

The workshop teaches sustainable building technologies and provides citizens with skills to complete basic techniques such as winterizing their homes, planning landscapes, creating bee hive and bat houses, setting up a rain barrel etc.

Looking for Leatherbacks

Canadian Sea Turtle Network

This project aims to monitor the number and condition of endangered Atlantic leatherback sea turtles using commercial fishing vessels and engaging fishermen in voluntarily reporting leatherback sightings during the spring, summer and fall of 2014.

Operation Pollination

Wildlife Preservation Canada

Working with several organizations and the public in a 'citizen science' project, we hope to preserve populations of endangered pollinator species; protect and restore habitat capable of supporting butterflies, bumblebees and other endangered pollinators

Healthy Waterways Initiative

Rural Lambton Stewardship Network (RLSN)

This Initiative will improve water quality by creating fish and wildlife habitat through the restoration of wetland and riparian areas; and will address the problems and consequences the lack of wetland habitat has had on water quality and quantity.

Projet combattez le vert par le vert

Corporation de l'Aménagement de la Rivière l'Assomption (CARA)

Ce projet vise à aménager des bandes riveraines adéquates selon les plans réglementaires et écologiques sur des terrains artificialisés pour redonner aux lacs leur cachet naturel tout en améliorant la qualité de l'eau et des habitats aquatiques.

$25,000 +

Transmettre la passion de la nature, un enfant à la fois 

CIME Haut-Richelieu

CIME organise des activités éducatives de découverte de la nature pour les enfants. Ces activités plongent les enfants dans un bain de nature exceptionnel et les incitent à adopter des comportements plus respectueux pour l'environnement.

Tree Swallow Monitoring and Population Preservation

Beaverhill Bird Observatory

The Beaverhill Bird Observatory operates a migration-monitoring program and Tree Swallow nest box program. Thousands of birds are banded each year to collect info on species numbers, population dynamics and population demographics.

Critical habitats for birds in urban-suburban landscapes

Vancouver Avian Research Centre

The Vancouver Avian Research Centre is dedicated to wild bird research and conservation, public education and community engagement. We conduct bird monitoring, and provide educational and volunteer opportunities at Colony Farm Park outside of Vancouver.

The Mountsberg Shrike Recovery Project - Moving Forward

Conservation Halton Foundation

The captive breeding program supports the breeding program at the Mountsberg Shrike Recovery Project. Funds will go towards food for the shrikes and general costs such as heat, hydro and a contract position to oversee the shrikes during breeding season.

Rehabilitating Waterbirds on the Pond

Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary

Our goal is to rehabilitate orphaned and injured waterbirds. By providing as natural an environment as possible, we will greatly increase successful releases of injured and orphaned waterfowl and shorebirds.

Crowsnest Conservation BearSmart

Crowsnest Conservation Society

The Crowsnest Conservation BearSmart Program works with community partners and volunteers to educate citizens, visitors and businesses on how to be BearSmart and to eliminate and manage wildlife attractants.

Waters Alive Project

Citizen Scientists

This project brings the aquatic ecosystems of the GTA to life, raising the awareness and understanding of these ecosystems through outreach and education. the project will focus on the aquatic species that exist in our rivers, streams and vernal pools

Making Connections, Naturally: Protecting Rocky Mountain Wildlife

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Y2Y's role is to focus on the lands outside parks, and to help ensure they are used in ways that allow wildlife to live in and use the lands too. This project will help create a system of wild lands and waters stretching from Yellowstone to Yukon.

Weed Spotters Volunteer Program

Invasive Species Council of Manitoba

By educating a target group and volunteers, we can enable volunteers to look for and identify invasive species during their outdoor activities. Reports of invasive plants will be used for an Early Detection and Rapid Response program and database.

Naturalizing Fort Erie's Creek Drains

Niagara Restoration Council

The Naturalization of Fort Erie's Creeks and Drains aims to restore and enhance biodiversity and wildlife corridors, provide public education and community outreach, and organize a habitat clean-up.

Leave It To Beavers

Miistakis Institute

Miistakis, ASCCA, Calgary Science School and Cows and Fish have collaborated to reintroduce beavers to the Pine Creek watershed; create a monitoring program; and involve students in monitoring these changes.

Annapolis River Watershed Agri-Stewardship Project

Clean Annapolis River Project (CARP)

This project will aim to address agricultural run-off concerns in watercourses by working collaboratively with farmers to ensure Best Management Practices (BMP) and Environmental Farm Plans (EFP) are being implemented willingly.

$10,000 +

Lynde Shores Habitat Improvement Program


Shifting Growth: Temporary Community Gardens

Shifting Growth Garden Society

FortWhyte Alive's 'Blue Planet' School Program

FortWhyte Alive

OISEAU: Agents of Nature Mobile Educational App

Get to Know Program

Step Outside

Learning for a Sustainable Future

Protect the Oldman's Rivers, Streams and Creeks

Oldman Watershed Council

Natural Soundscapes in Nature Reserves

Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust Conservancy

Green Plans for Workplaces

Eco Chaleur

$100,000 ×

From the Road...to Recovery: Turtle Conservation in Action

Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre

The Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre (KTTC) takes a comprehensive approach to turtle conservation in Ontario by providing: emergency medical and rehabilitative care to injured turtles and then releasing them back into the wild once healed.

Bear Necessities: Ice. Food. Cubs.

Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo's conservation, education and research activities with polar bears will increase the population of this nationally endangered species as well as inspire people to live in ways that promote the well being of the natural world.

Help the Little Brown Bat

Canadian Wildlife Federation

This project will provide bat box’ for 1,400 school classes and support the creation and distribution of outreach materials for an additional 22,000 educators across Canada. The project goal is to help students learn about bats and bat conservation.

$50,000 +

The Bear Necessities, Caring for Orphaned Black Bears

Atlantic Wildlife Institute

Black Bear cubs orphaned in the spring have little chance of survival on their own. AWI is the only licensed facility in the province of NB that is able to handle bear cubs and yearlings so that they can be returned to their natural habitats.

Working for Wildlife - A Community Wildlife Education Program

Procyon Wildlife Veterinary and Rehabilitation Services

The goal of this project is to promote appreciation for the lives of native wild species, teach people to live in harmony with their wild neighbours and educate people on identification and care of animals that may be orphaned or injured.

Restauration des berges de l'archipel pour assurer la plaisance

Comité de la Zone d'Intervention Prioritaire du lac Saint-Pierre

Notre objectif est de restaurer les berges de l'île de Grâce pour conserver l'intégrité écologique du territoire et d'augmenter la qualité des habitats naturels. Nous contribuerons à la conservation des attraits écotouristiques de la région.

Earth Rangers School Outreach Program

The Earth Rangers Foundation

The goal of our education program is simple yet critical: to educate and inspire students about biodiversity loss in an engaging and interactive format and provide tools to help them protect animals at risk of extinction across Canada.

Carp River Action Plan

Mississippi Valley Conservation Foundation

The Action Plan is a strategic, multi-year approach to improving the most degraded mid-reach section of the Carp River.

Saving Wildlife for Future Generations

Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton

The WRSE provides compassionate and vital medical treatment and rehabilitation programs to injured or orphaned wildlife with the ultimate goal of returning wild animals to their natural habitat.

$25,000 +

Beaver Lake Dam Maintenance

Cowichan Lake Salmonid Enhancement Society

The goal of this project is to promote, encourage and participate in stream enhancement, fry salvage, community trout and salmon hatchery, stream and lake stewardship, classroom incubation (Salmonids in the Classroom) and community awareness.

Wildlife Explorers Kids Program

Rouge Valley Foundation

This program will engage children in the restoration, protection and understanding of nature and natural ecosystems. In particular the project will raise awareness about local flora and fauna and the unique challenges they face in the peri-urban context.

Come on and Ride the GreenWave

Protect Our water and Environmental Resources - Halton Hills Inc

This project will give 1200 students firsthand experience in community based science. Schools will be made aware of the International Day for Biodiversity, have celebrations in their schools to mark the day and participate in the GreenWave.

A Flight of Fancy - Releasing none native birds into the wild

For the Love of Parrots Refuge Society

This project will provide a 'home for life' for previously owned pet parrots. It will also educate the public about correct parrot feeding, care and understanding.

Birds and Bats Go to School

Norwood Greening and Learning Project

Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station aims to track and protect endangered Basking Sharks through short-term tags and their local photo-identification program. They also intend to raise more awareness of this unknown shark by getting the public directly involved in the photo-identification program.

Diving into Science at the River Institute

St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences

The 'Diving into Science' project de-mystifies science, and blends outdoor exploration with a genuine enthusiasm for the environment. In workshops, participants become involved in data collection and analysis for current ongoing research projects.

Healthy Harbour: Flood My Rain Garden

Hamilton Wentworth Green Venture

This program will build community awareness and support for low-level, storm-water management measures. Specifically, the program will build rain gardens with residents in a neighbourhood that has a history of flooding during intense rainfall.

Science & Nature

West Coast Environmental Education Society

Science & Nature helps children develop respect and appreciation for nature's importance, beauty and complexity. This is an essential first step in creating stewards of the natural environment.

Cedar Bog Trail Restoration

Friends of Birds Hill Park Inc.

This project will manage activities aimed at planting additional native species, removing non-native species, and establishing a new population of Western Silvery Aster to enhance the ecological value of sites along the Cedar Bog Trail.

What's Alive in Hamilton

Hamilton Conservation Foundation

This project will create awareness and education about certain Species at Risk and sensitive ecological areas that contain wildlife and vegetation communities. It will help to educate people on how to enjoy, protect and enhance nature responsibly.

Bobolink habitat restoration

The Frontenac Stewardship Foundation

This project will reduce, mitigate or eliminate threats to Bobolink habitat by testing and demonstrating an alternative to the current conversion of grazed pastures to row crops (chiefly soybean and corn).

Marine Debris and Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Campaign

Coast of Bays Coastal Planning Committee

By educating the public about the negative impacts of marine debris and what they can do to help reduce the problem, the project hopes to see a reduction in the amount of debris in the COB over time.

$10,000 +

Rattray Marsh Restoration Project (Phase 1)

Credit Valley Conservation Foundation

Close Encounters of the Deer Kind - living with urban deer

Earthanimal Humane Education and Rescue Society

Saving Species at Risk in the Grand River

One Fish at a Time Conservation Incorporated

Important Bird Areas Caretakers Program

Manitoba Naturalists Society Incorporated

Manitoba Wildlife Workshops for Remote Communities

Bird Studies Canada

Real Food 4 Life Community Garden

Real Food 4 Life Education Foundation Inc.

Notre ruelle, notre espace de vie

Nature-Action Québec

Opération Écotone

Comité Écologique du Grand Montréal

Green Plans, Recycling and Composting Pilot Project for Workplaces and

Eco Chaleur

$100,000 ×

Kanaka Creek Watershed Stewardship Centre (KCWSC) Project

Pacific Parklands Foundation

Designed for hands-on education, participants learn about nature and the watershed, participate in hatchery activities, play outdoors, hike, test water quality, and survey stream invertebrates with interpreters.

Improving Mountain Caribou Calf Survival - Maternity Penning

Revelstoke Caribou Rearing in the Wild Society (RCRW)

Caribou maternity penning is a method that’s been used in the Yukon and Alberta to increase calf survival. RCRW’s working with various groups to support maternity penning of local caribou to increase calf survival and boost population numbers.

Wild Lands for Wild Lives

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

AIWC provides rehabilitative care to 230+ species of native Alberta wildlife. AIWA will construct a large enclosure that duplicates a Riparian Parkland and contain a wetland feature, bluffs, dens, burrows, and perches among native flora and trees.

$50,000 +

Credit River Clean Water Campaign

Credit Valley Conservation Foundation

CVC works hard to provide cost efficient solutions that safeguard watershed residents against water risks. Rain Garden installations are one example of CVC’s Low impact development (LID) initiatives that ensure abundant, safe, clean water.

Conservation Youth Crews

The Nature Trust of British Columbia

The goals of this project are to protect and restore sensitive habitat on conservation lands, and to provide youths with a positive learning experience in conducting restoration projects throughout the province.

Go Wild - Youth for Conservation

The British Columbia Wildlife Federation

Connecting the next generation to nature is essential for protecting our environment. The BC Wildlife Federation has several programs to engage youth in outdoor activities in order to connect them with nature.

Shoreline Naturalization of the Gananoque River Watershed

Centre for Sustainable Watersheds

A shoreline naturalization program will be carried out on targeted properties. The program will focus on shoreline naturalizations, shoreline demonstration site, and workshops and presentations.

Totally Turtles: Protecting, Promoting, and Enhancing Turtles at Risk

South Nation River Conservation Authority (SNC)

SNC has built a commitment to monitoring Species at Risk turtles across our watershed. This year, the project will identify and record threats to turtle populations such as road mortality, nest depredation, and habitat loss and degradation.

Bird’s Eye View - Volunteer birder program

Nova Scotia Nature Trust

Linking bird watchers with conservation, our goals are to create a network of volunteers to help effectively manage important sites in the province for birds, and to permanently protect an internationally significant coastal site for birds.

$25,000 +

Orphaned Fawn and Injured Deer Enclosure

Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary

The enclosure ensures white tail deer and fawn receive proper stimulation and development for their release back into their natural habitat while injured adult deer will be less stressed and recuperate quicker in a safe and natural environment.

À la rescousse de notre lac!

Régie intermunicipale de restauration et de préservation des Trois-Lacs (RIRPTL)

Le projet de restauration consiste à réhabiliter certains usages et la qualité du plan d’eau du lac Trois-Lacs par différentes interventions ayant le moins d’impact sur l’écosystème comme par exemple le dragage hydraulique par succion.

Digital Mapping for Watershed Conservation - Grey Sauble Conservation

Grey Sauble Conservation Authority

The goal of this project is to acquire a 3D mapping system which will allow us to create high quality elevation data & improved base data for the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority watershed jurisdiction.

Building Homes for Endangered Turtles

Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT)

HAT is working with the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary to protect the endangered Western Painted Turtles. They do this by protecting adult turtles on their way to nest, protecting the nests themselves, and improving habitat in the lake itself.

Adopt-A-Beach: Newfoundland and Labrador Beached Bird Survey Program

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Newfoundland and Labrador (CPAWS-NL)

CPAWS-NL and Canadian Wildlife Service will carry out an Adopt-A-Beach program, an initiative of the NL Beached Bird Survey Program. This is a volunteer program which recruits people to monitor birds washed up on their local beach on a weekly basis.

Restoring the Poverty Beach Wetland

Three Rivers Heritage Association Inc.

The aim is to clean up the creosote timber contamination littering the wetland, increase habitat by creating more open water and nesting islands for waterfowl; and stabilizing the sand beach on the seaward side by planting native vegetation.

BioDiversity Matters - Future Forest 2013

Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources (P.O.W.E.R.) and Halton Peel BioDiversity Network

The goal is to engage youth through the school system in learning about and taking action for Biodiversity by delivering 30 outdoor education and service programs.

Biodiversity in Our Community: Sydenham River Restoration

Rural Lambton Stewardship Network

The 3 goals of this project are to conserve the Sydenham River, to contribute to the system of connected habitat corridors and natural area in Lambton County and to complete projects under the Biodiversity in Our Community Program.

Semer pour l’avenir

Comité ZIP du lac St-Pierre

Ce projet vise à créer des habitats floristiques propices aux espèces pollinisatrices et à diminuer leur fragmentation. L’ajout de ces parcelles floristiques augmentera la superficie totale de milieu propice aux pollinisateurs le long du fleuve.

Bear-ly’ Surviving: Promoting Grizzly Bear Recovery in Alberta

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative Foundation

The grizzly bear population in Alberta is declining at an alarming rate. Y2Y’s project will enable the Alberta grizzly population to recover to healthy numbers and create an atmosphere that allows humans and bears to coexist peacefully.

Maritime Basking Sharks: Seeing who’s who and who’s at risk

Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station, Inc.

The goal’s to track and protect endangered Basking Sharks through short-term tags and the photo-identification program. They also intend to raise more awareness of this unknown shark by getting the public involved in the photo-identification program.

The Rural H20 Stewardship Program

Clean Annapolis River Project Society

Rural H20 aims to create informed rural citizens about the importance and interconnections between various water resources on their rural properties such as groundwater and surface water with potential pollution sources.

$10,000 +

Water Solvable: Solutions for a Sustainable Lake Winnipeg Basin

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Songbird Meadows 2: Sparrow's Green

Conservation Halton Foundation

Mallard Point Side Channel Fish Habitat Enhancement Project

Trout Unlimited Canada

Graines de changement - Seeds of Change

Nature Québec

Consequences of the Green Crab Invasion in the Northumberland Strait

Shediac Bay Watershed Association

Permanent E-Waste Depot for the South Interlake


Moving Towards Sustainability


Partnering to improve water quality in the Milk River Watershed


Youth Estuary Stewardship Projects

Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society

Bathurst Youth Environmental Leadership Program- YELP

Bathurst Sustainable Development (BSD)

$100,000 ×

Drivewiser - Drive Less - Get More

Clean Nova Scotia

Clean Nova Scotia hopes to engage and inspire the new vision of community mobility and to acknowledge the importance of the fundamental relationship of transportation in our everyday lives by highlighting individual and public investment strategies towards building viable, multi-model transportation systems, integrated with land use, planning and design.

Conservation Youth Corps

Credit Valley Conservation Foundation

The program exists for the purpose of providing valuable learning and volunteer opportunities in environmental stewardship and conservation for youth for the Credit Valley Watershed. It includes a high school tree planting program as well as summer volunteer internships for students.

$50,000 +

M.A.R.A.I.S de la vie


Le projet M.A.R.A.I.S. (Milieu Aquatique comme Refuge et Aire de repos pour la Sauvegarde de la vie) veut mettre de l'avant l'importance des milieux humides en impliquant les jeunes enfants du primaire principalement. Trois fois par année les projets des élèves seront exposés durant une semaine complète afin que les gens de la région et les visiteurs de passage puissent apprécier les milieux humides vus et compris par des jeunes en 3 étapes : Volet 1 : recherche et appropriation des connaissances sur le rôle des milieux humides et les espèces vivantes présentes dans le marais du lac Boivin. En particulier, les espèces vulnérables et menacées. Volet 2 : réalisation de supports scientifiques et/ou artistiques pour la transmission des informations acquises par les jeunes. Volet 3 : exposition sur une semaine des réalisations conçues par les jeunes.

Reuse: Take it or Leave it and Environmental Demonstration Building

Edson & District Recycling Society

The Recycling Depot provides an avenue for residents, municipal and ICI sectors of the community to reduce, reuse, and recycle their disposable items. Educational and promotional programming plays an integral role in the depot's mandate. The Society believes that every individual in our community should have the opportunity and the responsibility to minimize their waste production. Community actions taken to reduce wastes must be sustainable, and lead to more sustainable actions. A healthy, fully functioning environment is essential to our social and economic wellbeing.

EcoLiving Workshops and in the Classroom

EcoLiving Events

The mission is to facilitate information exchange and partnerships among communities about innovative environmentally sustainable options. This is done by providing hands-on environmental educational opportunities and by organizing workshops for adults and for youth within schools in the classroom. The environmental workshops are a strategy to educate, but even more importantly, to engage residents by providing informational tools and hands-on experience needed to make sound decisions (and action) about homes and the surrounding environment.

Healthy Streams, Natural Shorelines

Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation

The Healthy Streams, Natural Shorelines project will provide coordinated, community-based aquatic and terrestrial restoration projects to vulnerable or degraded areas of the Rideau watershed. The goal is to improve water quality by implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) at the water's edge and on the landscape (creation of shoreline buffers, livestock access restriction, reforestation, etc.), enhance fish and wildlife habitat through creation of habitat and removal of impediments and educate and engage community members through public outreach and volunteer participation.

$25,000 +

Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program

The reintroduction and recovery of the Burrowing Owl in southwestern Manitoba

The short term goal of this study is two-fold. Firstly, to begin a reintroduction program to promote, stimulate, and increase Burrowing Owl populations in Manitoba. Secondly, this study will identify limiting factors that affect the Burrowing Owl in Manitoba. Data will be collected on diet and habitat use for captive bred-released and wild birds. Other components that will be examined are brood survival, dispersal, behaviour, and longevity. This information will be used to create new recovery strategies and action plans for Burrowing Owls in Manitoba, and Canada. The long term goal of this study is to reestablish a self-sustaining Burrowing Owl population.

Serre et jardin communautaire: du compostage à l'assiette.

Collège Bourget

Le collège Bourget est, depuis plus de 150 ans, intimement lié à la montagne de Rigaud et à son écosystème particulier. Depuis plusieurs années, on tente de réduire progressivement l'empreinte environnementale de notre institution à l'aide de différentes initiatives : choix des produits nettoyants, recyclage et compostage. L'objectif connexe est de favoriser l'éducation de nos élèves aux diverses sciences botaniques et à la précarité de l'équilibre écologique. La communauté étudiante sera ainsi mise à profit dans le roulement quotidien des tâches afin de les sensibiliser au monde qui les entoure.

The Stobie Creek Watershed Restoration Project

Central Algoma Freshwater Coalition

The CAFC will work closely with landowners to improve the water quality of Stobie Creek Watershed by providing educational materials to local residents, helping farmers find solutions to minimize the impact of their operations on water quality, and excluding livestock from the creek by using fencing and testing alternative methods of beaver management.

Restoring Balance: Gardens, Landscapes and Rehabilitation

Atlantic Wildlife Institute

Funds go towards coordination of trail development through AWI's 120 acre property; communication between Aboriginal Elders, labour and volunteer workforce; identification and cataloging of native and sensitive plant species; first phase of restoration of an Acadian Forest system through replanting and nursery bed establishment; and usage of Wildlife Learning Centre during project duration.

Urban Agriculture Project


This project is proposing to engage the public in the design and construction of three new essential components of The AREA's community driven learning garden. The components include the construction of a greenhouse with a cob/rocket mass heater, planting of a fruit forest along a 30-metre stretch of the French swale system, and installation of a solar pump for the storm water retention pond. Workshops will be developed around each component that will allow community members to share techniques and methods with the public after the components are built. The goal is to provide citizens with the working knowledge that they need to apply permaculture techniques in their personal gardens.

Le marais St-Eugène, un milieu naturel à deux pas des centres urbains

Protection en environnement par la concertation et l'action

Le projet actuel souhaite assurer la pérennité du milieu à l'échelle du marais St-Eugène, mais aussi à l'échelle du St-Laurent. Tous s'entendent tous pour dire que le marais est un joyau au cœur du lac St-Pierre. Toutefois, sa position géographique en milieu urbain et les pressions naturelles qu'il subit fragilisent son écosystème. Deux problématiques cause sa dégradation: 1) l'utilisation inorganisée du territoire et 2) la perte d'habitats fauniques. Si aucun aménagement n'est entrepris, le marais disparaîtra en privant la communauté et la faune d'un milieu riche et diversifié.

Activités de sensibilisation des jeunes-Eau/biodiversité


Le projet consiste à offrir des activités éducatives à 20 écoles du territoire de l'OBV, traitant de la mise en valeur de la biodiversité. La majorité des écoles sont en milieu urbain; ces enfants ont peu accès au milieu naturel et ne demandent qu'à découvrir la faune et la flore. Le projet a pour but d'informer les élèves sur la biodiversité des ressources en milieu aquatique, terrestre, humide et forestier. Un « Guide de Biodiversité » sera remis à l'école. Cela pourra amener les élèves à poser des gestes concrets en adoptant des pratiques moins dommageables pour l'environnement.

Community Compost and Greenhouse

Lacombe Composite High School EcoVision Club

The School aims to coordinate the building of an industrial composting system and a solar greenhouse. The ELCHS food's programs will supply over 200 kg of organic material needed for the composting system, which will reduce the waste entering the local landfill. The compost produced will be used for school gardening, the proposed greenhouse program and community groups. The greenhouse would allow for locally grown herbs and vegetables, which would be used by the Commercial Foods program, to supplement the food served to students each day and reduce emissions due to transportation.

$10,000 +

Love Your Lake

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Green Freight


AIWC Education Program

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

Un geste pour ma Côte-Nord!

organisme environnemental à but non lucratif

Conservation Youth Crews

The Nature Trust of British Columbia

MULTISAR - Saving prairie species at risk one ranch at a time

Prairie Conservation Forum

One Fish at a Time

One Fish at a Time

Salmon need Trees and Trees need Salmon

Central Westcoast Forest Society

Parkland Sustainability Tools

Parkland County AB

Shuttle - a strategic initiative to measure driving habits and create positive change for commuters

Summerhill Impact


Learning for a Sustainable Future

Community Awareness of Athabasca Watershed Pressures and Risks

Athabasca Watershed Council

Food as Fuel

York Region Food Network

Into The Blue - Map Roosting & Feeding Habitats of Great Blue Herons


Whale Research Program for Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired

Society for Ecological and Coastal Research (SEACR)

Construction of Habitat for Orphaned and Injured Deer Fawns

Procyon Wildlife

La Ruée verte

Éco-quartier Louis-Riel

Seeking Solutions for Carnivores and Communities

Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association

Wings Over the Prairies

Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation

Wildlife Flight Pen

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

The Daly Point Nature Reserve - Showcasing a Natural Gem

Daly Point Nature Reserve

2 ruelles vertes dans le centre-ville de Montréal

SAESEM (Société pour l'Action, l'Éducation et la Sensibilisation Environnementale de Montréal)

Be A Water Steward

Camp Kawartha

Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Green Venture

Wetland Restoration Project

Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society

Eastern Ontario Children's Water Festival

St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences

West Bragg Creek All Season Trail Plan Implementation 2012

Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association

Water Sense - from stream to shore

Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance

Protecting the Mountain Headwaters through Education

Oldman Watershed Council

Opération Pollinisateurs

Comité Écologique du Grand Montréal

Saw-whet Owl Migration and Public Engagement

Beaverhill Bird Observatory

Restoring northern whitebark pine ecosystems in west-central BC

Bulkley Valley Centre for Natural Resources Research and Management

Tabor Mountain Critical Water Bar Project

Tabor Mountain Recreation Society

Backyard Habitat Experience

Catfish Creek Conservation Authority

The Ottawa River, Yours to Explore

Ottawa Riverkeeper / Sentinelle Outaouais

Highway 16 Trails Restoration

Sons of Norway Ski Club

Get to Know BioBlitz

Wild Neighbours Society

Circuit Jardins

sentier Urbain

Vivre en Vert et en Santé

Urbaniterre (nom secondaire)

$100,000 ×

Remediating St Clair River Area of Concern

Friends of the St. Clair River

The goal: to restore/protect forest, native grasses and wetlands in the St Clair River "area of concern", helping landowners restore or protect the natural habitats in suitable locations such as headwater areas of tributaries and riparian areas on their properties.

Tracking a Ghost: Using Citizen Science to Conserve the Wolverine

Alberta Conservation Association (ACA)

This grant will allow ACA to engage in conservation through participating in collection of information, protecting key wilderness, and increase understanding of the importance of intact wilderness to Canadian identity.

$50,000 +

Island Lake Community Trail

Credit Valley Conservation Foundation

Funds will go towards completing a 12 km wheelchair accessible, walking and cycling trail around Island Lake that will link with trail networks that are planned or existing in Orangeville, Caledon, Dufferin and Mono.

Songbird Meadows --- Grassland and Wetland Habitat Creation in Ontario

Conservation Halton Foundation

The goal of the project is to create new wetland and grassland areas at the Glenorchy Conservation Area in Oakville, Ontario, covering an area the size of 34 football fields which will provide needed habitat for songbirds and wetland birds and creatures.

Turning the Tide for Turtles

Toronto Zoo

This project has three components: help conservationists understand and determining where to focus conservation efforts, caring for and spreading the word about local wetland, and recovery programs for turtles will compliment restoration projects.

Wetland Mapping and Planning Project

BC Wildlife Federation

This project helps BC communities protect wetlands at risk of destruction or disturbance across BC, encourage communities to engage in mapping and planning projects at a local/regional level, and raise awareness about the importance of wetlands.

$25,000 +

Base Mapping Improvements

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

The plan is to update base mapping through a 3D mapping system. This will help land managers identify water flow paths, areas requiring protection, and areas where stewardship projects such as wetland creation will help improve water quality in the watershed.

Bear Creek Initiative

The Gurdwara Sahib Dasmesh Darbar Temple

The Initiative includes restoring a portion of Bear Creek Salmon Interpretive Park, developing educational opportunities and creating a space where people can learn about and discuss salmon habitat.

CARP River Guardians Water Quality Monitoring Program

Clean Annapolis River Project

Help the Annapolis River’s early warning system provide a record of the river's health, develop interest in community stewardship and provide a group of individuals who can promote preservation, rehabilitation and use of resources.

Crowsnest Community Trails - Nez Perce Footbridge

Municipality of Crowsnest Pass

Funds that go towards creating The Nez Perce Footbridge will prevent users from being forced to cross a bridge that does not meet Transport Canada's Navigable Waters standards.

Environmental Educational Programs

Edson & District Recycling Society

The depot needs space and permanent storage area for various educational samples and vermicomposting bins. The grant would allow the depot to expand their recycling facilities to accommodate all of the activities, workshops and events.

Île Clarence, une Richesse Naturelle à Préserver.

Maison Tucker House

La Société environnementale de Clarence-Rockland et la Maison Tucker se sont données comme mandat de restaurer les berges érodées de l'Île Clarence. Suite au projet, des plantes et arbustes seront mis en terre afin d'assurer une meilleure renaturalisation.

Seabird Conservation and Habitat Improvement along the Southern Shore of NL


Establishment of a representative system of terrestrial and marine protected areas incorporating ecological, social and economic values is needed to recognize the importance of protected areas as an essential part of natural resource management and planning.

Studentenergy.org - Web Portal to Fuel the Future of Energy

Student Energy

A group of young leaders committed to a sustainable future. The grant would help the organization be a one stop shop for concise and easily accessible energy information. This will help students inform, engage and inspire each other on energy initiatives.

$10,000 +

2012 Kronau Solar Street Light Project

Hamlet of Kronau

Alberta Watershed Toolkit- Enabling Active Stewardship

Sustainability Resources Ltd.

Alternative Energy Project for the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation

The Society of High Prairie Regional Environmental Action Committee

Antelope Migratory Corridor Enhancement

The Alberta Fish and Game Association

At the Crossroads: Promoting Wildlife Survival Along Highway 3

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative Foundation


BC SCRAP-IT Program Society


Centre for Sustainable Watersheds

Captive Burrowing Owl Breeding & Education Program

Moose Jaw Exhibition Burrowing Owl Centre

Children's Community Garden

Town of Happy Valley Goose Bay

Cleaner Communities Cleaner Living

Blood tribe Youth Empowerment committee

Community Prairie Urban Garden

Oldman Watershed Council


Learning for a Sustainable Future

Green Home Makeover - a Catalyst for Change

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Help Us Help Mother Earth

Unama'ki Institute of Natural Resources

Highway Wilding

Highway Wilding

Kids in Nature- Young Naturalists' Clubs Across BC

Young Naturalists' Club of BC Society

L'Est Révèle sa Vraie Nature

Société de développement économique Rivière-des-Prairies - Pointe-aux-Trembles - Montréal-Est (CLD)

Little River Restoration Project

Cobequid Salmon Association

Living by Water: Helping Lakeshore Communities Rebuild their Ecosystem

Federation of Alberta Naturalists

Measure to Manage

The Gaia Project

Mission Decommission

North Saskatchewan River Basin Council Inc.

Modère tes transports

Association Rimouski Ville Cyclable inc.

Ontario Wetland Care: Improving the Health of Ontario Watersheds

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Permanent HHW Depot for the South Interlake

Rockwood Environmental Action Community Taskforce (REACT) Inc.

Plug it to Protect and Conserve the Milk River Aquifer

Milk River Watershed Council Canada (MRWCC)

Pond Ecological Restoration for Kids (PERK)

Pacific Parklands Foundation

Project SOAR

Project SOAR

Protecting Canada's Elusive Atlantic Giants

Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station Inc.

Protecting Water Quality in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve

Petitcodiac Watershed Monitoring Group

REGEN: Youth Restore Grassland Habitat

Hamilton Naturalists' Club

Residential Composting for Red Deerians

The City of Red Deer

Restoring a Wetland Habitat in Coombs, BC.

Earthanimal Humane Education and Rescue Society

RiverWatch Summer Youth Leadership Camp

RiverWatch Institute of Alberta

Sammy the Sturgeon's Fish Habitat Program

Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin

Saving the Planet 1 TV at a Time

Scouts Canada--7th Pickering

S.O.S. for Prairie Species at Risk

Nature Saskatchewan

Students for a "Swift" Recovery

Bird Studies Canada

The McGeachie Conservation Outdoor Education Centre

The Crowe Valley Conservation Authority

Tsolum River Legacy Project

Tsolum River Restoration Society

Wild Voices for Kids (WVFK)

Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network

$100,000 ×

Canadian Commuter Challenge - Give Your Car a Day Off program

Canadian Commuter Challenge

With this grant Canadian Commuter Challenge will implement their ‘Give Your Car a Day Off Program’ — a program that encourages people to leave their cars at home for one week and use more active modes of transportation.

The Amazing Turtle Migration

Canadian Wildlife Federation

The Amazing Turtle Migration project will educate Canadians in marine conservation issues by creating a national campaign to follow and learn about leatherback sea turtles as they migrate from Canadian waters to the Caribbean.

$50,000 +

EcoLiving Events - Solar Breakfast, Fair and Winterization Challenge

EcoLiving Events Ltd.

EcoLiving Events offer Western Canadians opportunities to learn about energy efficient and sustainable products by developing hands-on activities like their EcoLiving Solar Stampede Breakfast, EcoLiving Fair & Speaker Series and EcoLiving Winterization Challenge.

Des jeunes au service des rivières / Youth in Action for our Rivers

Groupe d'éducation et d'écosurveillance de l'eau

Le projet vise la gestion et la protection de 40 bassins hydrographiques majeurs du Québec, du Nouveau-Brunswick et du Manitoba. Plus de 5000 jeunes seront sensibilisés et impliqués directement dans la protection de leur cours d'eau.

Clean Air by Kids

International Cooperation of Children for Trees for Life Canada Inc.

This project will be an active, educational experience for children where they learn about the science and nature of clean air, trees and how they can each become an ongoing contributor to new oxygen production and air quality in their community.

Des forêts de la Montérégie à la forêt du mont Saint-Grégoire

Centre d'interprétation du milieu écologique du Haut-Richelieu

Ce projet permettra de sensibiliser des jeunes et des visiteurs du mont Saint-Grégoire aux écosystèmes forestiers de la région et à l'importance de protéger ces forêts alors qu'elles subissent d'énormes pressions liées à l'agriculture et à l'étalement urbain.

$25,000 +

Le programme d'engagement- L'eau pour tous, pour toujours ?


Le programme d'engagement - L'eau partout, pour tous... pour toujours ? vise à mettre en action tous les élèves d'une école et leurs familles afin qu'ils posent des gestes concrets pour une utilisation durable de l'eau potable. Pour ce faire, des élèves âgés de 10 à 12 ans sont formés afin de sensibiliser tous les autres élèves de l'école et leurs parents.

Crowsnest Pass BearSmart Program

Crowsnest Conservation Society

The Crowsnest Pass BearSmart Program works with community partners and volunteers to encourage citizens, visitors and businesses to be bear aware, to eliminate/manage wildlife attractants, and to reduce the potential for human-bear conflicts.

Huron Shores Watershed Management Plan

Bright Lake Association, Inc.

The Bright Lake Association, Inc. is a conservation association dedicated to improving water quality, protecting wildlife and gathering scientific data on lakes in the Algoma region of Ontario. This project will investigate the causes of blue green algae in these areas.

Provincial Tree Planting Program

Alberta Junior Forest Warden Association

The Junior Forest Warden Provincial Tree Planting Program is an annual initiative where all member clubs are encouraged to participate in group planting activities. The project will help admin work to locate suitable planting sites, obtains tree seedlings, and deliver the supplies for a successful plant.

Enabling Whitebark and Limber Pine Grassroots Restoration

Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada

The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada is devoted to the conservation of whitebark pine ecosystems. This project will engage volunteers in collecting seed, which will be grown by local nurseries and planted to help preserve the species.

Rescue Boat, trailer and safety equipment

Tangly Whales, Inc.

Tangly Whales Inc. is a non-profit group responsible for the disentanglement and strandings of marine mammals, basking sharks and sea turtles. The funding for this project will go towards purchasing a new rescue boat and trailer for the rescue missions.

Pump it Up

Climate Change Central Foundation "C3F"

Climate Change Central (C3) empowers Albertans to take action on climate change through education, research and conservation. This project will apply social marketing tactics to get people to change their behavior around under-inflated tire pressure.

West Bragg Creek All Season Trail Plan Implementation

Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association

The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association does trail planning, construction, design and more. This project provides an expansion plan to upgrade the West Bragg Creek Trail System to better meet the needs of all types of non-motorized users.

$10,000 +

Cowboys & Carnivores: innovative solutions to carnivore conflicts

Miistakis Institute for the Rockies

Long Point Causeway Improvement Project

Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation

Swale Watching: Preserving Wildlife, Wetlands, and Wonder in the City

Meewasin Valley Authority

À vélo, j'embarque!

Voyagez Futé

The Waterlution Hub Network

Waterlution - A Water Learning Experience

Natural Capital in BC Lower Mainland: Valuing the benefits from water

Pacific Parklands Foundation

Opération Compost : Compostage en milieu scolaire et communautaire.

La RHA pour la Reconstruction Harmonieuse de l'Agriculture

Community-driven Conservation of Cavity Nesting Birds

The Nature Trust of British Columbia

Watershed Legacy Program: Fences and Insects Improve Water Quality

Oldman Watershed Council

Keeping the Peace Fully Wild

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative Foundation (Y2Y)

Elbow River Watershed Youth Field Study Program

Elbow River Watershed Partnership

Watershed Protectors 2012

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

Returning Salmon to Kakila Creek

Pemberton Wildlife Association

Mississippi Madawaska Natural Heritage Mapping Project

Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust Conservancy

Strong Community-Based Watershed Groups Improve & Protect Environment

Prince Edward Island Wildlife Federation

Salish Sea Eelgrass Restoration for Carbon Storage

SeaChange Marine Conservation Society

Know Your River: An interactive exploration of watershed issues

Ottawa Riverkeeper / Sentinelle Outaouais

The ecoTRAVEL Youth Program Suite

Peterborough Green-Up Association

Eco Chaleur- Reducing our Ecological Foot Print Campaign

Bathurst Sustainable Development Inc.

The Burlington BlueCreeks Project

The Halton Region Conservation Foundation

Climate Change Action Program

Scouts Canada, Voyageur Council

Tabor Mountain Critical Bridge Installation

Tabor Mountain Recreation Society

Sentier pédestre du littoral de Desbiens

Groupe Naïades

We Have the Power (WHTP) - Phase 3

Durham Sustain Ability

2012 Arctic Winter Games "Play Your Part" Sustainability Program

Whitehorse 2012 Arctic Winter Games

Manitoba's Living Snow Fence Project

Upper Assiniboine River Conservation District

Clean Energy Webcast for First Nations

Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, Inc.

Verdir pour l'avenir : projet de lutte aux îlots de chaleur urbains

Comité Écologique du Grand Montréal

2012 to 1812, Reversing 200 years of ecological disturbance

Royal Botanical Gardens

The Springwater Forest Trail Network Restoration Project

The Catfish Creek Conservation Authority

Inner-city Community Bicycle Workshop

Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society

Les arbres de l'école Sainte-Marie-Médiatrice

Commission scolaire De La Jonquière

The South Nation Watershed Belongs to All of Us!

South Nation River Conservation Authority

Cultus Lake Sockeye Salmon Restoration Project

Fraser River Salmon Table Society (FRST)

For the birds: Enhancing the Conservation of Birds and their Habitats in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Nature Trust

Du vert... pour une communauté en santé!

Nature-Action Québec Inc.

Aboriginal Bird Guardians

Intervale Associates Inc.

Verdissement de la cour d'école St-Jean Bosco

un établissement d'enseignement au niveau primaire

Helping Our Planetary Environment (HOPE)

Community Learning Campus - Environmental Club

Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Toolkit for Change

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority